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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Improving the business efficiency of OEBS workflow. Part 1: Missing e-mail addresses

This paper is part one (1) of a two (2) part series. Part 1 covers null e-mail addresses in your workflow roles objects and in part 2 we covers e-mail address validation including a free 12 point PLSQL function for validating e-mail addresses.

 In this paper we cover the issue of missing (null) workflow e-mail addresses:

     v  The importance of a SYSADMIN e-mail address

v  What happens when an invalid e-mail address is encountered?

v  Assessing the damage in your instance ( Free SQL )

v  And how to rectify the issue

The paper can be viewed or downloaded at the following address:
Part 1: Missing e-mail addresses
PDF document, 300 Kb

In part 2 of the “Improving the business efficiency of OEBS workflow” series we will cover email address validation. Part 2 also includes an 12 point email address validation function.


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